Red Peloton Cycling Team

Month: March 2019

Fish Rock

Departure from SR and arrival conditions at Boonville were similarly dismal, but once we’d got organized and headed toward the rider briefing there were blue skies. However, the temperature was still low about 45deg (highest I saw all day btw) and higher up it had been snowing. The start was delayed by 45 mins to allow that to thaw.

John Sullivan (Friend and Co-Worker) had a good idea of kicking off our ride a wee bit early before we froze and to get ahead of the “pack” (330 reg, 93 no-shows) So off we went. This ride kicks off straight into a climb of about 10% for a long way. 20mins or so min we were up 800ft and both feeling a bit guilt about kicking off early. Someone (not John) had the bright idea of heading back down to kick off with the pack after all and do it right. So, a rapid chilly descent and off we go again, literally just turning around at the start as the riders moved off…

2019 Land Park Criterium

On Saturday morning I completed my second Criterium race, and my first time representing the Red Peloton. The course in Land Park is more technical and therefore, it was very beneficial to be the first group to race that day because it allowed me to study and try out the best lines by myself during my warm up. We had a group of 39 riders. Despite of one rider having to jump to the lawn because he overcooked a technical turn, and a homeless person being in the middle of the road during one of the laps, the race was uneventful and safe.

During this race, I was committed to avoid the errors I made on my first race, in which I wasn’t sure 1 lap to go meant last lap, and also when to do the attack to get in front of the pack and cross the line. On that first race, I left a lot in the tank and there was not enough road ahead to catch the winner before. I stayed in the middle of the pack most of the race, saving energy and taking the turns safely but also efficiently. On one lap to go, My plan was to move closer to the front and on the last technical turn do my attack. I executed my strategy and finished 5th overall, which is an improvement from my first race in which I placed 10th…

Red Kite Criterium RKO#2

Sunday morning marked the second race day in our early Season. Brian Castelli, Nick Grudzien, Austin Hermosillo and I were in attendance. It was Cold, breezy and still a bit damp in a few of the corners (most notably the last corner)…