Red Peloton Cycling Team

Month: June 2019

Cycle to the Sun. Race Up Mt. Haleakala

I’ve put off writing this report in part because I needed to decompress from this event and the lead-up to it. In 2016, I did Cycle to the Sun and placed 14th overall. My preparation was solid, but afterward I was wishing I’d done at least some altitude prep — half of the race, after all, takes place over 5,000 ft. That year, I raced it fairly conservatively, which is smart but always leaves you wondering if you could have done just a bit more…

Antelope Lake 600K

As some of you may know, I am trying to repeat PBP( if you don’t know what that is click elsewhere). As my last qualifying ride I signed up to do Antelope Lake 600 on June 8th.

A ride I have done twice before and once as part of the Gold Rush 1200 k. The story of the day was the elements: WIND, WIND, WIND, freezing cold, followed by scorching heat, and did I mention more WIND?

So here is the very very long WINDED report…

2019 ICCC Dash For Cash Criterium

Today was another great day to wear proudly the Red Peloton kit, and jump on my bike too race. This time it was the Dash For Cash Criterium.
The Elite 5 group would race for 40 minutes in a very easy course: four turns, with absolute perfect pavement and wide corners. There were some strong winds which I figured would play an important role today. We had a head wind to the finish line…