Red Peloton Cycling Team

Month: August 2019

Stafford Lake Dual Slalom

My racing career started many years ago racing Downhill, Mountain cross (Mountain bike’s version of BMX) and Dual Slalom (Like Skiing).

Having ridden the bike part out at Stafford lake a few times, I was feeling nostalgic and decided I’d go race the dual slalom event they were hosting. I haven’t raced gravity in close to 14 years, so my expectations where pretty low. To add to my low expectations, the “open” category was everyone between 19 and 39!…

Suisun Harbor Criterium

The Suisun crit is one of the closer crits on our calendar! it is a very tight and short 4 corner crit. This particular Sunday saw light wind and clear sky’s. Last years race saw a 35+ 4/5 group was fairly small, not this year!

There where around 40 racers! One of those racers was a new unknown racer from Vacaville, who “apparently” just started racing as he was still a CAT 5. Unknown to everyone else, this guy was robot strong! He actually raced the Open 4/5 race 1.5 hours earlier and won on a solo breakaway! This shocked the field, since no one knew who he was or how strong he was…