Red Peloton Cycling Team

Month: January 2020

Grasshopper Low Gap

Starting this winter, I decided to get my hands and feet dirty (figuratively and literally) with cyclocross and gravel riding. What a better opportunity that the Grasshopper Low Gap: it is only 43 miles, 50% percent of which is on pavement, and 5,600 ft of climbing. I was very excited to be riding with my teammates on my first gravel adventure, and I was very fortunate to have their guidance through the whole process. We even organized a tubeless party, they helped choose the best tire set up and get my bike ready for the event…

Parkpoint: Let’s Hit the Road

Every Year, the Red Peloton partners with our sponsor Parkpoint Health Clubs to offer members the opportunity to experience a group road ride and learn the in and outs of cycling.

Mike Charleton, a 3 times State champion and National bronze medalist with 28 years of experience, is the ride leader and mentor…