Red Peloton Cycling Team


Neil’s 36 hour Ride

For 2020 season, I had three major events I was targeting: Copperopolis Road Race (4/11), Berkeley Hills Road Race (5/9) and Mt Diablo Challenge (10/7). I had started working with coach Amber Smolik since February to help me get my training and fitness to a new level when the COVID-19 events started to unfold. Prior to the “Shelter in Place” (SIP) mandate came to effect, I had been doing great training rides with teammates Kurt Holt, Nick Grudzien, and our coach Amber and I felt my fitness was rapidly improving.

Team Training Camp 2020

Friday March 7th: Friends, Family and Sponsors no drop conversational pace ride from Woodfour Brewing Company. Team profile pictures.

Saturday March 8th: 2020 RP All Team Training Camp Ride.

Sunday March 9th: Sunday of options. Training Camp Team Dinner

Parkpoint: Let’s Hit the Road

Every Year, the Red Peloton partners with our sponsor Parkpoint Health Clubs to offer members the opportunity to experience a group road ride and learn the in and outs of cycling.

Mike Charleton, a 3 times State champion and National bronze medalist with 28 years of experience, is the ride leader and mentor…